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Using annual enrollment to strengthen your brand

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By Rob Kessler, Partner/Operations Director

Each year around this time, there are a few things people dread … weather getting colder, days getting shorter, the Lions out of playoff contention (that’s a personal one) and having to figure out health care plans.

Large and small organizations alike spend countless hours analyzing costs and options each year to give employees something of value so they can take care of themselves and their families. But so often, organizations just send out a packet of information with a deadline and not much else. Good luck!

Healthcare plans are one of many reasons an employee decides to join or stay with a company. They want to know that they are cared for, and in turn, can care for their families, especially during times like these. So when communicating benefit enrollment, your messaging should lead with just that … we care. That is a big part of your employer brand, the care and thought you put into taking care of your employees.

Many employer brand strategies start with an employee value proposition that usually includes some sort of care and reward. Yet when talking about career opportunities at an organization, this equates to some print at the end of a job posting that says you offer a ‘competitive benefit package.’ Not much else.

Shouldn’t you lead with how you care and support your employees, such as a benefit package to ensure the health and wellbeing of them and their families?

Again, lead with the why (I talked a bit about that in another blog post, which led off with a Mister Rogers quote, so worth reading for that alone). Why do you have a competitive benefits package? Lead with that reason and purpose, and the employees begin to feel that you do care for their needs, and they aren’t just a number (cue the Bob Seger song).

We have many opportunities to reinforce our employer brand messaging across the employee lifecycle, and one of those comes to us each year at this time. Use annual enrollment as a way to strengthen your culture and build on your reputation as a great employer.

Now don’t forget to turn those clocks back on Nov. 1. The days are getting shorter!