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Gulf South Clinical Trials

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Multiple Owners & Audiences

This multi-institution effort, which is funded by a federal NCORP grant, is led by Louisiana’s four leading cancer research and clinical institutions, brought together by the mission of expanding access to the latest advancements in cancer care. Magnetize worked within this complex stakeholder environment to develop an approachable, accessible site that integrated robust database functions and resources.

Project Highlights

Brand & Messaging Strategy

UX Design

Coding & Development


Data-Driven Design

A cornerstone of the NCORP grant’s mission is to provide patients and physicians with an efficient way to search available clinical trials near them. Working within a large-scale, complex national database, we created a user-friendly experience for both audiences that allows easy searching and sorting.

“We had a complicated mission for this website, and the Magnetize team really took the time to make sure each decision served that larger purpose. The end result is just great.”

Eileen M., Program Manager

Friendly science

The most significant positioning challenge for Gulf South was developing a messaging strategy and supporting aesthetic that would appeal to both physicians and patients, with varying levels of education and understanding of clinical trials. The result was a warm and straightforward tone, supported by a friendly color palette and diverse library of images — making the science more human.

Ranken Jordan

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Purposeful storytelling

As a pediatric bridge hospital, Ranken Jordan has a unique story to tell — providing therapy services and inpatient care for children transitioning from an acute hospital setting to home. Because families could spend a significant amount of time in the facility, they’re often apprehensive about the process. Partnering with Ranken Jordan’s development and operational teams, we created a series of videos that tell the story of existing patients and families to ease the mind of incoming patients, as well as educating donors and partnering health care facilities.

Project Highlights


Video Production

Animation Design

Content Strategy

“Magnetize has been able to tell our story in a way that appeals to both families of patients and potential donors, which isn’t always easy to do. They’ve done an excellent job understanding our vision and collaborating with our team.”

Steve L., Chief Development Officer

Concept > Reality

Magnetize worked alongside Ranken Jordan’s marketing team to provide comprehensive support for the video production — from initial concepts, storyboarding, script writing, interview facilitation, videography and art direction to animation and final production.

BJC Medical Group

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Building the BJC Medical Group Brand

Magnetize has had a longstanding relationship with BJC Medical Group, beginning with a full rebrand completed over ten years ago. While the brand has evolved, the focus of their communications has consistently been to acquire new patients from outside their own health system. We recently launched an awareness campaign with the goal of better connecting with consumers through brand differentiation and an expanded narrative. Utilizing focus group feedback, Magnetize developed a campaign with an emotional consumer connection. Beautiful videography, photography and striking headline copy combined to showcase a sense of comfort, support and confidence

Project Highlights

Brand Strategy


Content Strategy


Targeted Digital

A comprehensive and targeted digital campaign was deployed to support conversion goals. These audience specific ads drove to a landing page with an easy fill form and immediate response mechanism.

Reaching Further

Beautiful footage combined with touching voice overs, creating television spots that ran region wide, and expanded the campaign beyond traditional print and digital advertising.

Listen to the radio spot below.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Brain Works

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Brand for Thought

Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital’s annual BrainWorks event is a fun and informative evening that celebrates all the complexities of the human brain — and the innovative technology and therapies their leading neurology team offers. We developed a look that aligned with this innovative feel, using modern colors and graphics that translated into engaging digital, motion and print materials.

Project Highlights

event marketing

Identity design



BJC Hospice

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Celebrating Life

To create a new brand identity for BJC Hospice, Magnetize developed a design and messaging strategy that offered a concise expression of their purpose with warmth, sincerity and confidence. The tagline “Every Moment” emerged alongside new logos for BJC Hospice and Evelyn’s House, their new hospice home — all thoughtfully crafted to match the comfort BJC Hospice’s caring team provides so many patients and families.

Project Highlights

Brand strategy

identity design

content strategy

content development

“We appreciated the time you spent learning how to best approach this emotional and sensitive topic, which is reflected in the beautiful outcome. It’s an extreme pleasure to work with a team that listens to what is said and what is not said and blends it into who you are.”

Barbara W., RN, Director of BJC Hospice