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LFCS Faithful Promises Campaign

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Sharing Stories of Promise

COVID-19 has brought its fair share of challenges, and in the midst of this pandemic, Lutheran Family and Children’s Services (LFCS) wanted to uplift their community and share stories that offered hope. OrgStory partnered with LFCS to develop a campaign that would highlight stories of change and hope, showcasing their impact to clients and donors. The goal was to remind them of the incredible work that LFCS promises to do every day to help families and children across Missouri.

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Staying Hopeful

With so much news taking over our feeds, we needed a way to make LFCS’ stories distinct and special through a unifying thread. The “faithful promises” tone and visual identity aligns with LFCS’ Christian commitment and hopeful spirit. Stories focus on their unwavering support of individuals seeking an array of social services, from adoption and foster care to parenting and behavioral health.

Telling Stories Through Social and Digital

The campaign is featured on multiple communications, such as donor appeals, newsletters and emails as well as LFCS’ social media. Users are driven to a dedicated page on their site where deeper stories and an opportunity to give lives.

Honor Roll Magazine

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Honoring Those Who Give

Each year, the Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital publishes a book to honor donors. More than a list, the Honor Roll features inspiring stories on the impact of kindness and world-class medical care. For many donor families, this book is a tribute to loved ones, cherishing it for many years. For the 2019 edition, we set out to create a book worthy of this sentiment.

Project Highlights

messaging strategy

publication design

content development


Sharing Their Stories

Four feature stories are highlighted with stunning studio portraits set against boldly colored backgrounds and superimposed with an inspiring keyword from that story. The classic typography and layout give the Honor Roll a high-end feel. The gold cover not only pays homage to the Foundation’s brand but makes a bright and hopeful statement.


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Recruiting with Purpose

A strong talent acquisition strategy is valuable to any employer, but it’s also becoming increasingly important in the competitive world of higher education as they recruit top students to their universities. For the audiology and deaf education programs at the WashU School of Medicine, they needed a platform that would not only sell their hands-on approach to learning but also the St. Louis community as a whole. The resulting position “Passion into Practice” and its associated materials leveraged the strong WashU brand while giving the programs their own voice and recruiting platform.

Project Highlights

Brand & Messaging Strategy

Talent Engagement

Graphic Design

Content Development


“We have a unique story to tell, and Magnetize captured it beautifully. It’s going to be a great vehicle for our recruiting efforts and we couldn’t be happier with their work.”

Beth E., Director, Finance and Student/Academic Affairs


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Moving Forward

Milestone is one of the largest transportation trailer and chassis lessors in the U.S., with a fleet of more than 59,000. Magnetize developed a multi-channel campaign and brand extension platform that capitalized on the company’s current equity, positioning them as the premiere provider of the product. In just one month, Milestone saw 152K in revenue generated from new leads.

Project Highlights

brand strategy

content strategy



web & digital strategy

Campaign Logistics

Magnetize developed a multi-channel approach to reach a variety of target audiences. Specific marketing campaigns were developed utilizing print, direct mail, email, paid search and social, promoting services and specialties across each division. Overall brand awareness was supported by developing a thorough and cohesive brand position.

An Effective Launch

In 2018, Milestone needed to extend their brand into a product launch for its new line of mobile warehousing and storage trailers, a service that’s becoming increasingly popular in their industry. Magnetize developed a multi-channel campaign and brand extension platform that capitalized on the company’s current equity — positioning them as the premiere provider of the product and generating 152K in revenue in one month from new leads

LinkedIn page views increased by 123.6%.

Website traffic increased by 179.6%.

Increased web site traffic, 2018 vs. 2019.

“The campaign and messaging strategy Magnetize developed really landed with potential customers. We’re seeing a lot more quality inbound leads through our website.” 

Sarah J., Milestone EVP

Grace Hill Brand & Communications

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Everyday Opportunity

As a nonprofit focused on creating a strong, self-sustaining St. Louis, Grace Hill wanted a brand refresh that would engage and inspire neighbors, families and potential donors alike. We started by developing the line “Everyday Opportunity,” which captures the mission and possibilities this important organization provides. The accompanying logo works as a natural extension of this brand position, inspired by hope and promise of a better tomorrow.

Project Highlights

brand strategy

web & digital strategy


Content strategy

identity design



Collaborative Communications

Our team has collaborated with Grace Hill on a broad range of multi-faceted, ongoing communications to support its programs and fundraising efforts. This work has included social/digital campaigns, direct mail and publications. One highlight is their Annual Report to the Community, which celebrates the year’s successes with messages and images of hope. The bright colors, candid photography and bold typography are all a seamless extension of their brand — inspired by the positive impact Grace Hill has on so many families.

A Growing Understanding

In order to have anyone buy into an idea, especially one that calls for monetary giving, they have to understand who we are, what we do, and why their help or donation is impactful. We used a local approach, as Grace Hill serves those throughout the St. Louis city, but we also presented a big picture idea with Grace Hill’s partnership with Head Start, a national organization. Specified targeted allowed us to target a variety of people (ages, locations, affinities, etc.) while keeping our demographic relevant and wide spread based on likelihood to donate.

New Page Likes: 88
Average Post Likes: 38


New Followers: 12
Average Post Likes: 127

Total Giving:
545% increase over previous appeal

“You have always taken great care to understand the nuances of our mission and values, and give our brand that same level of thoughtful attention.”

Laura K., Interim President

Graybar Communications

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Making It Modern

Graybar Electric Company wanted their communication materials to reflect the innovation and efficiency they deliver to customers. Magnetize responded with a simplified and modern design system, enabling this industry leader to communicate with agility and confidence.

Project Highlights

Brand Strategy

Identity Design




Content Strategy, Reinvigorated

Reworking Graybar’s existing content strategy, our approach was to create a compelling, consistently engaging narrative. Using this framework, our team has successfully weaved their mission, vision and values throughout every page. This often overlooked yet so important message is no longer just highlighted, but guides the reader through the narrative. We pair this reinvigorated content with striking photography of Graybar employees sharing stories of how they live the mission, vision and values in their everyday work.

Celebrating a Rich Tradition

Graybar’s Outlook is one of the oldest internal company publications in the country — its first issue printing in 1936. Magnetize redesigned this employee-loved quarterly to have a more “chunky” content style that invites readers to pick and choose sections of interest, versus reading long-form narrative front-to-back. Each spread is designed to provide a compelling entry point into the magazine, although we hear many employees still enjoy reading Outlook front-to-back. The reimagined publication was also recognized by the Hermes Creative Awards, an international design competition, as 2016 Platinum Winners.

“As an employee-owned company, the Outlook is a critical part of Graybar’s culture. The team at Magnetize continues to help improve the quality of the magazine while preserving its legacy at our company.”

Tim S., Corporate Communications Manager