By Rob Kessler

Time to find the right recruiting solutions

Six years seems like a generation ago. Time flies when you deal with a pandemic. In 2015, the number of applicants per job opening was about 59. In 2019, that number fell to only 30. Obviously a strong economy and falling unemployment numbers made seeking out new talent difficult for recruiters across most industries.

Enter our favorite year … 2020. Everything changed and a reset button was hit on recruitment as we now head towards the end of the pandemic (hopefully). With current unemployment (January 2021) at 6.3%, there are millions of full-time workers looking for new opportunities. And those numbers don’t include those who held off leaving their company for fear of finding something new.

What does this mean to talent acquisition professionals? A huge jump in applicants per job opening.

So to help explain what TA teams can do to assist the new hiring realities, we’ll go to a Beatles theme (the music lover in me) to “Get Back” and help you navigate the “Long and Winding Road.”


With budgets cut, in-person interviews still in question and resources strained, recruiters will need to find ways to sift through those resumes efficiently and effectively – all while maintaining a strong candidate experience and employer brand.

You say you want a (tech) revolution

One area that HR leaders should look into (assuming they haven’t already) is a digital transformation, utilizing data solutions and tech to simplify a number of administrative tasks across the hiring process. Recruiters should be focused on the relationship side of the TA equation while things like AI can handle the mundane parts of it.

With the continued evolution and revolution of smart applicant systems, TA teams can utilize the solutions and tools in place to automate job candidate matching, candidate screening and job description keywords. Most advanced tools also offload repetitive tasks, such as sending automated candidate responses and scheduling interviews. And with virtual interviewing not going away anytime soon, you’ll find most with video conference capabilities as well.

All you need is love (and balance)

Just like last year, 2021 will bring a host of challenges to talent acquisition. And just like in the past, recruiters will need to do all they can to enhance the candidate experience to attract top talent and strengthen their employer brand. That balance won’t be an easy one. Candidates continue to place a positive employer brand, reputation and culture high on their radar as they consider new opportunities. But with the right tools at their side, TA professionals can support their companies’ growth initiatives with strong hiring practices and processes, while reinforcing their reputations as a great place to work.

Or at the very least, avoid a “Helter Skelter” of work coming your way (I had to throw one more in).

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