Keeping your team together (while apart) during a crisis

We know that keeping your employees engaged and motivated is hard enough during “normal” times. During a crisis, it becomes even more challenging, and companies must continue to find ways to pivot and adapt to a new environment and way of working together.


As many teams continue to work remotely, limiting in-person interactions, it’s more important than ever to stay coordinated and connected. Now, more than ever, is when employees are looking to your company and its leadership for reassurance and a plan.

Here are a few communication tips for organizations in this time of change and uncertainty.


  • Be consistent.

    Continue to have regularly scheduled calls/video chats with teams so they feel connected and engaged. Silence during a crisis is one of the worst things that can happen.

  • Be diverse with channels.

    Use different channels for different messages to ensure momentum isn’t lost in a single communication chain.

  • Be targeted.

    A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work. Consider the mindset of each group and use cascading to ensure messages are relayed in a way that matters most to each team.

  • Be compassionate.

    Employees want to know you are looking out for their wellbeing. How you treat them during this time will say a lot about your reputation as an employer following it.

  • Be purpose-driven.

    Share your path forward with confidence and how your employees can help. Use your values as your guide.

  • Be transparent.

    Avoid uncertainty. Be prepared for the type of questions – good and bad – you will get from employees and share your answers in a centralized spot for all to see.


Now, more than ever, let’s stay connected.


Our team has extensive experience crafting internal and external health, safety and security messages — which paired with the right tactics can keep you connected with employees, clients and customers. Some of these could include:


  • Messaging strategies and platforms
  • Landing pages for ongoing event or policy updates
  • Video messages from leadership
  • Webinar or remote presentation support
  • Communication content and assets
  • Health and wellness campaigns



We know how powerful it is when people come together in fast-changing situations.

We want to hear what’s working for your organization (and what isn’t).