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Three Basic Principles of Property Branding

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By Rebecca Kappel, Strategy Director

Creating a Community

Creating a property brand is creating a community. For the end user, it will be more than a product or service — it will be what they experience each time they enter and leave their home. For the business owner next door, it will be more than a passing thought — it will be their neighbor. 

Our award-winning property branding agency team starts each project thinking about three basic principles. Every time. To build on these, we spend time at the beginning of the project experiencing the neighborhood, interviewing project stakeholders and working hand-in-hand with architecture, real estate and construction marketing partners. 

1. Origination

Or we can call this location, location, location. Understand the neighborhood, the community, the development plan, any zoning restrictions and any discussions that went into approving the development. Know the why. 

Did it take two years to go through planning and zoning? Are there historic tax credits or architectural restrictions in place? Know your history and why this particular property was developed in that particular location. 

Properties may need a brand story that supports development approval before the brand is fully built out. A solid messaging strategy can be instrumental in the success of a project. 

2. Segmentation

The identity and corresponding materials should first and foremost relate to the target market and support a robust real estate marketing and sales team and the lead generation funnel. But there’s more to a property brand than signing leases. 

You’ll want to make friends next door. So consider how it fits with or departs from the current neighborhood vibe and adjust messaging when reaching out to the surrounding community to promote events and partnerships. If it is a mixed use property, you’ll want to speak to potential business tenants differently than residents. 

Develop personas for each audience and work to understand their motivations in order to build a sense of trust. Be prepared to alter your message and goals for each of these personas. 

3. Differentiation 

Housing choices abound for both renters and owners. Why live here? What’s truly different? You may find out that the brand needs to stand out visually. You may find out that the messaging needs to carry the weight. Either way, be distinct and be authentic. Make an emotional connection.

Carry that differentiation past the sign on the door or the social media asset. Look for opportunities to collaborate with architects and interior designers to align wayfinding signage and common space experiences.

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