A Brand New Bank

Founded in 2000, Bank of Franklin County sought a new brand position that highlighted its friendly values, modern conveniences and ongoing commitment to the community. Our team began the project by conducting research and brand analysis. Based on our findings, we crafted “Nice to Know,” an approachable and confident tagline that reflects the culture of this community bank.

Project Highlights

Brand strategy

web & digital strategy

content strategy


event marketing



Sharing a Story

Expanding on the friendliness and warmth of the tagline, our design team created a new brand look that uses inviting fonts and colors alongside interesting patterns. The mix of traditional and contemporary cues results in a comfortable brand experience anchored by modern banking amenities. Beautiful original photography and thoughtfully crafted collateral tell the story of the authentic relationships the bank staff have with their customers, while whimsical animation in TV and social video assets captures their friendliness and easy way of doing business.

To Be Frank

True community banking is all about relationships, so we created “Frank,” the Bank of Franklin County mascot. This friendly young face beneath the “F” styled hair is the brand avatar that personifies the “Nice to Know” promise in retail merchandising and digital communications. Our creative team continues to develop Frank’s character to support the bank’s deepening engagement in the communities they serve.

“Magnetize has been instrumental in the creation of a full design and brand identity project for our bank. The quality of work and, most importantly, the personal attention and customer service we receive makes this a true partnership.”
Lesley L., Marketing Director

Friendly & Approachable

In Franklin County, Missouri, banking is done differently. Tellers remember your name. Bankers are your neighbors. To embrace that philosophy, we chose a warm and inviting color palette for the brand, one that reflected the warm and friendly environment Bank of Franklin County offers its customers.