Being There For Each Other

Many small businesses have feared for their survival amid the COVID-19 pandemic, relying on the PPP loan program to keep them afloat. And while some big banks dropped the ball, community banks stepped up to the challenge. Assisting with more than 350 loans during the first wave, Bank of Franklin County wanted to launch an awareness campaign that would highlight the positive impact community banks like theirs have been able to make during these turbulent times.

Project Highlights

Campaign strategy

Content strategy


Web & digital strategy

Campaign development


A Focus on Community

The campaign’s creative and messaging strategy acknowledged and embraced the evolving nature of relationships these days — physical distancing, mobile banking and virtual meeting. That even across these distances, Bank of Franklin County is who they’ve always been: a personal, community bank. Testimonials and photography from real businesses provided proof of the important role they played in supporting others in their community.

Reaching the Right People

It was important to get this message out into the region Bank of Franklin County so proudly serves. Utilizing a mix of traditional and digital channels, targeted and intent-based tactics, the campaign met current customers and the community where they were, with messages tailored to each unique audience journey.

“2020 presented a unique opportunity for community banks to shine. Magnetize helped us seize that moment with a campaign that put our brand promise in front of the right audiences, at the right time.”

Lesley L., Marketing Director