Building the BJC Medical Group Brand

Magnetize has had a longstanding relationship with BJC Medical Group, beginning with a full rebrand completed over ten years ago. While the brand has evolved, the focus of their communications has consistently been to acquire new patients from outside their own health system. We recently launched an awareness campaign with the goal of better connecting with consumers through brand differentiation and an expanded narrative. Utilizing focus group feedback, Magnetize developed a campaign with an emotional consumer connection. Beautiful videography, photography and striking headline copy combined to showcase a sense of comfort, support and confidence

Project Highlights

Brand Strategy


Content Strategy


Targeted Digital

A comprehensive and targeted digital campaign was deployed to support conversion goals. These audience specific ads drove to a landing page with an easy fill form and immediate response mechanism.

Reaching Further

Beautiful footage combined with touching voice overs, creating television spots that ran region wide, and expanded the campaign beyond traditional print and digital advertising.

Listen to the radio spot below.