Making It Modern

Graybar Electric Company wanted their communication materials to reflect the innovation and efficiency they deliver to customers. Magnetize responded with a simplified and modern design system, enabling this industry leader to communicate with agility and confidence.

Project Highlights

Brand Strategy

Identity Design




Content Strategy, Reinvigorated

Reworking Graybar’s existing content strategy, our approach was to create a compelling, consistently engaging narrative. Using this framework, our team has successfully weaved their mission, vision and values throughout every page. This often overlooked yet so important message is no longer just highlighted, but guides the reader through the narrative. We pair this reinvigorated content with striking photography of Graybar employees sharing stories of how they live the mission, vision and values in their everyday work.

Celebrating a Rich Tradition

Graybar’s Outlook is one of the oldest internal company publications in the country — its first issue printing in 1936. Magnetize redesigned this employee-loved quarterly to have a more “chunky” content style that invites readers to pick and choose sections of interest, versus reading long-form narrative front-to-back. Each spread is designed to provide a compelling entry point into the magazine, although we hear many employees still enjoy reading Outlook front-to-back. The reimagined publication was also recognized by the Hermes Creative Awards, an international design competition, as 2016 Platinum Winners.

“As an employee-owned company, the Outlook is a critical part of Graybar’s culture. The team at Magnetize continues to help improve the quality of the magazine while preserving its legacy at our company.”

Tim S., Corporate Communications Manager