Multiple Owners & Audiences

This multi-institution effort, which is funded by a federal NCORP grant, is led by Louisiana’s four leading cancer research and clinical institutions, brought together by the mission of expanding access to the latest advancements in cancer care. Magnetize worked within this complex stakeholder environment to develop an approachable, accessible site that integrated robust database functions and resources.

Project Highlights

Brand & Messaging Strategy

UX Design

Coding & Development


Data-Driven Design

A cornerstone of the NCORP grant’s mission is to provide patients and physicians with an efficient way to search available clinical trials near them. Working within a large-scale, complex national database, we created a user-friendly experience for both audiences that allows easy searching and sorting.

“We had a complicated mission for this website, and the Magnetize team really took the time to make sure each decision served that larger purpose. The end result is just great.”

Eileen M., Program Manager

Friendly science

The most significant positioning challenge for Gulf South was developing a messaging strategy and supporting aesthetic that would appeal to both physicians and patients, with varying levels of education and understanding of clinical trials. The result was a warm and straightforward tone, supported by a friendly color palette and diverse library of images — making the science more human.