Making 1893 Fresh Again

Over its 125+ year history, Macon-Atlanta State Bank has cemented its role as a true community bank in northeastern Missouri. As larger national and regional banks began to encroach upon their market, they wisely adapted to the times, offering their customers all of the modern banking conveniences necessary to compete. But they needed a brand makeover that would resonate with new customers — and they requested we do this without changing their legacy logo.

Project Highlights

Brand strategy

messaging strategy


graphic design

It All Happens Here

The Magnetize team conducted research and a competitive analysis to create a strategic framework for the brand. Our findings revealed an approach to doing business that just simply could not be found anywhere else in the community. It began in the 1890’s when founder Jett Dearing rode on horseback to sell bank stock to area farmers. And that community spirit continues today as the Macon-Atlanta team makes financial recommendations based on how well they know their customers. Our creative team recommended a brand position that celebrated this relationship, which inspired the tagline “It All Happens Here.”

Bringing Community Back to Banking

Soon after the rebrand, Macon-Atlanta State Bank acquired a branch from a regional competitor in the nearby community of Monroe City, MO. The first order of business was to create a “bank branch transition toolkit” for existing employees who would now be working for Macon-Atlanta State Bank. The Magnetize team put its extensive employee communications expertise to use, creating a guide that would help the new team feel like valued employees and trusted brand ambassadors. We also developed a comprehensive suite of branch communications to support the bank as it arrived in this new community.