Built for Banking

Originally the Bank Building Corporation, NewGround has evolved to become a design-build leader in the banking industry. Along the way, the industry has undergone drastic changes that have made a big impact on architectural trends and retail banking experiences. For nearly a decade, NewGround relied on our team to help craft their B2B communications with sophistication and brand savvy. Working directly with NewGround senior leadership, we helped shape narratives and design compelling digital, experiential and print marketing communications. Our work helped to ensure their team was engaged at the earliest and highest levels with banks seeking new ways to meet the needs of modern banking customers.

Project Highlights

Brand strategy

web & digital strategy

messaging strategy

strategic communications


Adapting to the Market

As with every facet of the banking industry, NewGround constantly evolved their focus to ensure they were meeting the needs of their customers and partners. This required our team to pivot on a variety of communications and messages to ensure their teams had what they needed to make powerful connections.