Developing a Strong Client Understanding

Northstar Management is a firm full of intelligently trained engineers and project managers who provide strategic, tactical and financial management solutions for large-scale construction projects. Magnetize spent time workshopping with their team to discover the answer to the always important question: “What makes us different”? The answer: At Northstar, a building isn’t a construction project, it’s a business strategy.


Website & UX Design
Messaging Strategy
Brand Strategy

Seeing Stars

Northstar has a distinct, intricate identity. Our motion team used the celestial mark as visual inspiration, combining footage and animations to illustrate the alignment between the nuances of design and construction and the complexity of business concepts.

Solutions Driven by Process

Northstar is process driven. The website was built around this concept, using movement and animation to illustrate how their management process aligns with the construction process itself. Infographics explained the comprehensive budget breakdown of a typical build, highlighting those often overlooked concepts of escalation and contingency.