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Startup Pace

RGAx, the “innovation accelerator” arm of insurance provider RGA, challenged Magnetize to increase the visibility of its Fit Life Covered initiative, which sought to engage and market services to CrossFit athletes. We were eager to help. Knowing there was a finite timeline to make some big changes, we rolled up our sleeves and dug in immediately, crafting a digital, content and graphic strategy that was responsive and engaged with the target audience.

Project Highlights

Web & digital strategy

identity design


content strategy


experiential marketing

lead generation

A Modular, Iterative Process

We built an aggressive project schedule based on agile methodology, which allowed for uninhibited strategic and creative thinking. In less than three months, our team mobilized to produce and execute a large range of tactics — which included digital display retargeting ads, instream ads, an optimized lead-generating landing page, web app integration, video content, social media plan, assets and content, email nurturing campaigns and experiential event marketing with coordinated response mechanisms.

Digital Strategy, Optimized

We started with a strong tone. Bold. Direct. Befitting the physical and mental fortitude of the intended audience. This paired with a strategy that infused SEO-optimized messaging into every element — leveraging specific and direct calls to action for cross-channel promotion, and providing comprehensive owned social media support.

We also updated and unified Fit Life’s brand aesthetic, which standardized the user experience throughout the customer journey. We then developed a guide that framed best use practices for the RGAx project team, to ensure all touchpoints with the brand were consistent and cohesive.

Conversion Creation

One word or one button can make all the difference. We optimized the online experience, adjusting form fields and the flow of content until the process was comfortable and user friendly. This began with a full redesign of the current site and continued throughout the project as testing led to continual adjustments and improvements.

Experiential Marketing
Gets a Workout

The pinnacle of this collaboration was crafting a strong presence for Fit Life Covered at the annual CrossFit Games. The dynamic graphic experience we crafted utilized photo walls, video interaction and social share opportunities. Lead generation was built into gated giveaways that included custom designed t-shirts and AMRAP chips and event-specific contests. By using provided RFID technology, we were able to customize follow-up emails to encourage more brand interaction.

The result? Social engagement during the games was 4x more than average weekly online engagement. Smart use of hashtags during the games also generated a significant increase in Instagram interaction.