Time for nonprofits to focus on innovation

Okay, I named it – for nonprofits, now is the time for innovation. There’s no getting around it. The issues that nonprofits face are not in the process of changing; they already have changed. Funders are narrowing their focus. Technology has changed how donors get information about organizations like yours and how they give to organizations like yours. And, earned revenue is becoming as important as donations. This is just the start; there’s much more that has changed and will keep changing.

If you’re expecting new and different results for your organization by doing things the same old way, jump on innovation and break the cycle.

Let’s pretend for a minute that your organization is a Fortune 100 company in the midst of planning for its future. Below is a list of three things they’re most likely to do in order to innovate and embrace the opportunities for the future, and a list that reflects what your nonprofit organization could be doing to innovate in a similar fashion:

Three ways your organization can innovate

  1. Doing constituent research to understand donor and donor prospect behavior and attitudes
  2. Investing time to refine current programs and services, or create new ones
  3. Identifying new partnerships to fill voids in products and services

Commit your organization to innovation, to provide ideas for transformational changes that can impact every area of nonprofit organizations.

It’s time to prepare your organization for its future. It’s time to take time to work at your nonprofit rather than simply working your nonprofit. It’s time to innovate. Join the movement and let me know what you’re doing to explore opportunities for innovation in your organization.