Top 5 trends for recruitment marketing

As the job market continues to evolve, so too do the strategies used to recruit new talent. Recruitment marketing has become an essential tool for organizations looking to attract and retain top talent. In 2023, we can expect to see several new trends in recruitment marketing that will shape the way companies approach their hiring efforts.

Emphasis on employer branding

Employer branding has been a buzzword in the recruitment industry for some time now, but in 2023, we can expect it to become even more critical. With the rise of social media and review sites like Glassdoor, it’s easier than ever for job seekers to research potential employers before applying. This means companies need to be more intentional about their employer brand, highlighting what makes them unique and attractive to potential candidates. 

Increased use of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already made its way into the recruitment process in the form of resume screening and chatbots. In 2023, we can expect to see even more widespread use of AI in recruitment marketing, including in-candidate sourcing and engagement. AI-powered tools can help companies identify top talent more efficiently and engage with candidates in a personalized way, improving the overall candidate experience.

Focus on diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) have become top priorities for many organizations, and this will continue in 2023. Companies will need to take a more intentional approach to D&I in their recruitment marketing efforts, highlighting their commitment to creating an inclusive workplace and actively seeking out diverse candidates. This may involve partnering with organizations that focus on D&I or implementing new hiring practices that reduce bias and promote equity.

More video content

We already know this, but the use of video content will only increase. Companies will use video content to showcase their employer brand, give candidates a behind-the-scenes look at their workplace and share testimonials from current employees. Video content is highly engaging and can help companies stand out from their competitors.

Virtual recruiting events

Virtual recruiting events became more prevalent during the pandemic, and they’re here to stay. In 2023, companies will continue to use virtual recruiting events to connect with potential candidates and showcase their employer brand. These events are cost-effective and allow companies to reach a wider audience than traditional in-person events.


Personalization has become an essential part of marketing in general, and recruitment marketing is no exception. In 2023, companies will focus on personalizing their recruitment marketing efforts, tailoring their messaging to specific candidates based on their skills, experience and interests. This will involve using data and analytics to understand candidates better and create a more personalized experience.

The recent pandemic turned recruitment on its head, and many of the digital tools and processes only accelerated during this time. Now we will see recruitment marketing continue to evolve in 2023, with companies focusing on employer branding, AI, D&I, video content, virtual events and personalization. By embracing these trends and staying ahead of the curve, companies can attract and retain the best talent in an increasingly competitive job market.