What Paul’s been working on

Every project has lots of details that sometimes don’t get featured in our case studies, but they are still interesting and important parts in the process. Here are a few insights into Paul’s work.

In recent years we’ve made significant investments in our nonprofit capabilities and expertise, and continue to expand our portfolio in that area, which makes me really proud. I’m passionate about all of our work but I’ve always enjoyed doing things for mission-driven organizations.

Our recent rebranding of The Core Collective (formerly St. Vincent Children’s Home) was special because we renamed a 125+ year old organization. The brand identity work was fun, too. But the best part was seeing our team develop a comprehensive brand out of a single identity concept.

Presenting creative to our clients. That’s one of my favorite things. It’s where they get to see all of the strategy, content and design work coming together. It’s rewarding to see their reactions to our work and hear them say “you all really listened to us”.

What I like most about my role as a creative director is providing high-level guidance (which sometimes includes some old school sketching) then seeing our team supporting one another and creating an environment that fosters really great work.

Let’s connect

Even if you don’t have an immediate need for our agency, we live for making connections. It’s one of the reasons we love what we do. Then, if and when you do need something, we’ll already have broken the ice.