What Tracey’s been working on

Every project has lots of details that sometimes don’t get featured in our case studies, but they are still interesting and important parts in the process. Here are a few insights into Tracey’s work.

We are often asked to create interactive PDFs for a brochure, a report, or a training manual. By incorporating interactive elements such as clickable buttons, forms, and links, you can make your PDFs more engaging and user-friendly.

Once a logo is approved, different versions are created for digital and print platforms. These include various file formats and color modes, as well as different orientations, taglines and icons based on the logo’s complexity. A brand guide is also created to ensure correct usage.

When working on multiple language versions, finalize the English version first. This serves as a template for incorporating translations into a new document. At the start of the project, it’s crucial to use paragraph and character styles and be mindful of text threads, hard returns, column breaks and overset text to ensure a smooth translation process.

Sometimes the best part of a project is seeing the final results and seeing how everything came together.

Let’s connect

Even if you don’t have an immediate need for our agency, we live for making connections. It’s one of the reasons we love what we do. Then, if and when you do need something, we’ll already have broken the ice.