Apex looked to Magnetize for a recruiting brand and campaign to engage their target audiences — not only to inspire them to choose or continue a career in the trades, but to work for one of their organizations while learning their trade.


Messaging strategy

Based on our discovery and brand audit work, we framed out a messaging strategy supported by three platforms:

Care & Reward: recognizing contributions and value, ensuring success and well-being

Tools & Development: empowered through support and resources

Partner & Stability: long-term view of success

These helped us shape a differentiated recruiting position for Apex, craft deeper narrative and even inspired our design work.


Audience alignment

We also categorized seven distinct audience groups and prioritized our three messaging platforms for each group:

Experienced Tradespeople: Employees at competitors

Transferable Skills: Mechanics, those in other service industries & military veterans

Vocational and Trade Schools: Students

Influencers: Parents & teachers

Community Colleges & High Schools

Immigrants & First-Generation Families 



Campaign tagline

Magnetize created the TradeUP tagline and turned it into a bold lockup that offers an empowering call to action and immediate context for the industry. The design of the lockup allowed for a modular approach so that it would be easy to customize all communications for each Apex partner brand.

A bold campaign design

Drawing inspiration from early 20th century industrial and government initiative posters, the campaign used bold colors and imagery to pay homage to the trades and those who build valued careers in them. The TradeUP campaign lock-up was paired with affiliate brand logos to reinforce those local brands and hint that they’re part of something bigger.

7_BackgroundYellow_ads 7_BackgroundYellow_ads

Tools of the trade

The campaign not only elevates the employer brand, but also gives Apex partners the tools and templates needed to customize materials at the local level. The campaign toolkit walks through how to use assets and choose channels to best target qualified candidates and provides comprehensive marketing guidance.

Apex offers rewarding trade careers where people can grow. Magnetize created a recruiting brand and campaign to help them connect with the right prospects.

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