Through our proven application of strategy, content and design, the Magnetize team developed a targeted, omnichannel campaign that offered a fresh perspective on the Little City brand aesthetic. We targeted three professional personas with distinctive career interests, backgrounds and skills and established a candidate pipeline that aligned those personas with five available job roles. Our campaign plan followed audiences along their unique online journeys, engaging their beliefs and career motivations while sharing Little City’s mission and impact.

Messaging strategy

We developed a messaging strategy that positioned Little City as a strong and competitive employer that provides great opportunities. Three messaging platforms formed the basis of the campaign narrative and inspired our creative work throughout the project.


We are looking for employees who can empathize with the population we serve and the unique journeys they’re on, showing compassion at every turn.


We need experienced employees who have the knowledge to do their jobs well, but also employees looking for future experiences to invest in and facilitate for our clients.


The work we do can be intense, so we need team players who can work with one another to do the best work possible, hold each other accountable and be of emotional support.


Show them what it’s like

Our strategy for attracting qualified candidates continued in creative development with our recommendation to use snapshots provided by Little City staff. This approach provided some production and design challenges but was key to accurately reflecting the day-to-day experience of working at Little City. The photos created a real background upon which we presented bold typography and color gradients to deliver the campaign message.


A call-to-action

Early on, we decided the word “thrive” reflected the possibilities for both employees and clients at Little City, and we determined that friendly, conversational language would be used. This inspired our campaign tagline: “Let’s Thrive Together,” which offered a call-to-action and hinted at the potential for transformative work.

Working within the Little City brand guidelines, our designers used the subdued color palette in bold new ways. The gradients with white reversed type seemed to brighten the palette. Headlines in colorful highlight bars made a bold impression when set against photos and kept the design simple and approachable.

Campaign rollout and results

In order to spark interest in our recruitment efforts, we started by educating job seekers about a career at Little City, employee benefits they offered and key open positions. 

Utilizing social media marketing (and remarketing) on Facebook and LinkedIn, Google search and display campaigns, as well as intentional SEO, we were able to deepen audience engagement throughout the journey. This resulted in an increase in qualified applicants to the organization and also positioned Little City as a best-in-class institution. 

Within just three months of trackable results, Little City saw improvement across the board in interest in careers there and an increase in the number of applicants for key positions.

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Optimizing for increased growth

We saw consistent growth in impressions throughout the campaign across all our media outlets. Additionally, by optimizing their Google AdGrant efforts alongside intentional SEO on key pages and new articles, we were able to increase the spend and use of the grant, while encouraging high on-site engagement. 

Little City needed to attract quality candidates who would embrace their mission. Magnetize created a recruiting campaign that connected them with the right candidates through the coordinated application of strategy, content and design.

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