Magnetize provides brand guidance to the BJC marketing team on a wide range of projects. We have a reputation for collaborating closely with their in-house creative team to ensure that even the most specific initiatives are built on intentional messaging and design that considers the role of the entire healthcare system across the region. The following case study represents one example of that work.


Modular messaging 

We identified the need for BJC’s community hospitals to have a more cohesive brand position. To achieve this, we looked to the parent organization’s tagline, “The world’s best medicine. Made better.” to create the neighborly, accessible message: “Your Best Medicine”. The phrasing opened the door for a modular messaging structure that allowed us to connect BJC community hospitals to something bigger and to demonstrate the many ways they make medicine better.


A community hospital campaign

The Christian Hospital brand campaign is an example of the “Your Best Medicine” brand position at work for BJC HealthCare’s community hospital in North St. Louis County. Working with hospital leadership, we identified four key areas of excellence in which we could share real examples of investment and performance — Quality, Community, Access and Innovation. Our campaign featured headlines that reflected those areas:

Quality is Your Best Medicine

Access is Your Best Medicine

Community is Your Best Medicine

Innovation is Your Best Medicine


A fresh take on an established brand

Designing something fresh and intriguing within a well-established brand can be challenging. Our creative team brought in familiar BJC brand elements such as the blue BJC leaf shape, to leverage its equity but used it in a different, inspired way.


Meeting people where they are

To be successful, the campaign needed to reach the market through multiple touchpoints. We utilized an array of channels, from Pandora and broadcast radio to outdoor boards and digital display.


Continuing the narrative

Our campaign’s call-to-action invited the audience to continue learning about the hospital’s achievements in Christian Cares Magazine, a publication that includes feature stories highlighting staff, patients, innovations, community events and useful wellness content. Magnetize is responsible for the editorial content and design of this publication. Readership surveys reveal significant engagement and positive impact on service line awareness and performance.

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Great community hospitals go beyond their walls, caring in the community; creating access; and sharing knowledge. Magnetize created a position for Christian Hospital to deepen its commitment to this philosophy.

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