We developed an awareness campaign that elevated family and community issues caused by early childhood developmental trauma. The campaign addressed the limited access that many marginalized families have to quality care and the ways FamilyForward offers innovative and personalized methods that successfully treat and prevent developmental trauma cases. The campaign was designed to build interest and drive value-aligned supporters to engage with FamilyForward, setting up possibilities for campaign donations during the public phase.

A messaging-first approach

Through storytelling and the sharing of tangible outcomes, we created a campaign that made an immediate emotional connection while giving audiences a clear understanding of FamilyForward’s mission. 

Tone and voice

Knowing the brand would need to speak to clients, donors, employees and community partners, the tone and voice were set in the following terms:

  • Clear
  • Relatable
  • Trustworthy
  • Hopeful
Messaging platforms

We identified three platforms for FamilyForward to become the core of our messaging strategy. These inspired all strategy, content and design work for their brand:

Trauma-focused care

  • A focus on serving children and families impacted by trauma

A developmentally sensitive approach

  • Individualized interventions that lead to better outcomes

Safer, healthier futures

  • Building strength, success and stability for vulnerable families
Campaign strategy

We primarily targeted adult women across all socioeconomic backgrounds who have sought out various therapies for their children. We also targeted community members and leaders of groups that indicated a strong interest in the equity and collective well-being of the region.


A call-to-action for supporters

“Broaden Our Impact – A Campaign for Children & Families” is the theme for the comprehensive fundraising project effort. It was developed as a call-to-action for supporters, and the messaging and creative were developed with recognizable brand elements that stemmed from FamilyForward’s core brand. In alignment with the campaign theme, the communications served as an invitation for FamilyForward’s community of supporters to expand their understanding of early childhood developmental trauma issues while qualifying the agency as a leading provider for addressing them. Additionally, the messaging used focused on building excitement around the project and encouraged supporters to think bigger about the change FamilyForward could make in the region. 


Getting results

We launched the awareness campaign and fundraising project communications with an omni-channel approach that included social marketing, search and display campaigns and SEO to build awareness for FamilyForward. A remarketing strategy further informed engaged users on developmental trauma issues and invited them to join FamilyForward’s community of advocates and supporters. Email marketing and direct mail campaigns created further visibility of FamilyForward and provided important education as well as volunteer, advocacy and event opportunities (webinars, community events, etc.) that could deepen supporter relationships over time. Within just five months of trackable results, they saw improvement across the board.

FamilyForward is shaping safer, healthier relationships for children and families. Magnetize helped promote awareness of their work and positioned them to expand their donor base.

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