Full service publishing

Magnetize works closely with Barnes-Jewish College Goldfarb School of Nursing to publish Goldfarb Magazine, which is distributed annually to alumni, students, donors and other members of the Goldfarb community. We provide complete editorial support, including content strategy, planning, interview coordination, interviewing, copywriting, photography, design, production and print management.


For each issue, the Magnetize content team writes all feature stories and columns. Editorial best practices ensure authentic content that’s interesting and persuasive within brand and style guidelines. Stories highlight people and programs and are crafted to shape perspectives on key issues important to the school.


Having a designer on our team who’s also a talented photographer streamlines our development process, because ideas for locations and situations can be developed alongside the design and writing process. The results are beautiful images that capture personalities and draw readers in.


Our design team is keenly aware of content and the purpose of each page. White space and carefully considered typography create spreads that are inviting and reflect the prestige of the school. Our goal is to create something fresh within each issue, while maintaining the overall editorial integrity of the magazine for a cohesive reader experience.

Classic print design

The overall design of Goldfarb Magazine, which balances traditional cues with a modern, scientific aesthetic, is a product of the Magnetize design team’s deep experience in publication design. Early on, we established guidelines for typography and a flexible grid, along with design systems for feature stories and recurring columns. The result is a cohesive design that lets feature stories shine.

2_GoldfarbMag_Blank_Wood_Table 2_GoldfarbMag_Blank_Wood_Table

Real people with real stories

Beautiful location photography is a cornerstone of storytelling in Goldfarb Magazine. From portraits to candid situations, our goal is to express the individual personalities of people and their impact on Goldfarb’s mission and vision.

6_GoldfarbMagazine_ 6_GoldfarbMagazine_

Recognized as a national leader in nursing education, Goldfarb is redefining what nursing means. Magnetize helps them share the compelling proof of this work, through Goldfarb Magazine.

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