With the need for Hoyleton’s services continuing to expand, they wanted to attract a new audience of qualified employee candidates. Magnetize created a campaign that positioned Hoyleton as a desirable career choice for people looking to make an impact while working alongside like-minded colleagues.

A messaging-first approach

It was determined that we would shape a campaign narrative that promised opportunity through a shared purpose. Our team set out to establish messaging platforms and an overall campaign theme.

Messaging platforms 

We identified three messaging platforms to reflect the experience and differentiate Hoyleton as an employer. These platforms would help us craft and curate stories that connect their mission with candidates.

Care & Reward: care for everyone who works for and with us

Development & Innovative Leaders: open-minded and adaptable to changing needs

Community & Empathy: a stable culture of inclusion, diversity and trust

A clear campaign message

We wanted a succinct theme that would resonate with candidates who realize the importance of their calling to this kind of work:

Unity In Purpose.
We are united by a shared purpose and a mission. This is what bonds us … to find the good in all people and help them be their very best. Our innovative programs and approaches help you be the best in your calling, so we can make a real difference as we strengthen our communities that we call home.

3_Ad Examples_RealPeople3

Show real people with purpose

The Hoyleton Mission is to enable all people, young and old alike, to realize the wholeness of life that God intends. Our campaign design featured existing Hoyleton employees sharing their stories of that mission at work. The result is authentic and empowering.


Uniting candidates and mission

Our multichannel campaign strategy utilized social, digital and print channels to connect with qualified candidates. The campaign was based on an awareness-first approach that introduced Hoyleton to a new audience of job seekers, and then focused on a position-specific strategy that highlighted Hoyleton staff stories.

Exceeding expectations

Our campaign was a huge success. Paid Facebook ads resulted in a 20.97% conversion rate from the careers landing page to the application portal. Paid LinkedIn and owned content that sent users to the careers landing page saw a 40.82% conversion rate to the application portal.

There was a 900% increase in careers page views during the campaign, a 13% website visit to application conversion rate (as measured against a 10% industry average) and a 62% interview-to-hire conversion rate (as measured against an 18% industry average).

5_HOY_Chart4 5_HOY_Chart4

Hoyleton needed to hire people united by a shared purpose and a mission. Magnetize created a campaign and strategy that exceeded their expectations and put them in a more secure position to fulfill their mission.

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