Pet Nutrition Kitchens needed Magnetize’s help to develop a brand for their new line of premium pet snacks under the Kitchen Table name. Our goal was to engage and inspire pet parents to make their pets’ health a priority and hold the food given to them to the same high standards as human food, both in ingredients and process.

A messaging-first approach

At the start of the project, we established a messaging strategy to guide our subsequent content and design work. This was crafted with the wants and needs of pet owners top of mind, which were brought to light through our team’s discovery phase.

Tone and voice

The Kitchen Table brand needed to be communicated in a way that was friendly and knowledgeable about the care we give our pets through our products, with a tone and voice that could be described as:

  • Confident
  • Conversational
  • Genuine
  • Friendly
  • Informative
  • Caring
Messaging platforms

We built the Kitchen Table brand around three key platforms, giving us a framework when delving into later communications.

Wholesome Ingredients: Our products are premium, all-natural pet snacks, made in human-grade facilities.

A Family Bond: Your dog is more than a pet; they’re part of your family and treated as such.

Community Impact: We care about our communities and are conscious of our role within them.

Narrative development

“The conversation” for Kitchen Table is an exploration of the narrative within these platforms, applying the brand’s newly identified tone and voice.

For example, A Family Bond conversation might include: “A simple wag of the tail. A simple chin on your lap. A simple lick on your cheek. It’s a bond that was formed the day you got them.”

The Wholesome Ingredients conversation could sound like: “Real ingredients. Health and wellness start with how we fuel our bodies. It’s no different for our pets. What they eat plays a key role in the health and activity they sustain throughout their lives.”

Brand position

The messaging platform work culminated in a brand position that readily communicated Kitchen Table’s purpose.

Real love. Real ingredients. Real care. Kitchen Table pet treats were created with all of these in mind. Your pets are more than animals; they’re family. You can give them the same quality and flavor with our premium, all-natural products, made with the same high standards as the food you eat and a consciousness for the communities in which we live.


There’s always room.

This tagline reflected one of the messaging platforms in particular: A Family Bond. You’d do anything for your dog. Your love is boundless and timeless. There’s always room on your bed, in your life, in your car, in this moment and at the table. There’s room for small businesses to thrive in this industry. This tagline instantly defines this brand as inspiring, simple and confident.

Pointillism on point

While the animal protein is the first ingredient in each flavor, the inclusions add an intriguing and flavorful twist. Each package prominently features hand-drawn fruit and vegetables, rendered in a pointillism style. Random pieces of fruit or vegetables are filled in with a muted color to represent a handcrafted process. All of this plays against a kraft paper background to add a warm, small-batch feel.

Square-Box-03_grid Square-Box-03_grid

A view from the table

Every dog owner knows what a dog at meal time looks like: a barely visible nose peeking at the edge of your table, hopeful eyes looking at whatever you’re eating. Because Kitchen Table dog snacks are made with 100% human-grade ingredients, we wanted to visually give the dogs a seat at the table too. This was showcased in their expo booth design at their product launch at SuperZoo, North America’s largest pet retail event.

Dogs_Kraft5 Dogs_Kraft5

Joining like-minded pet people

The Kitchen Table brand is all about being real. Real ingredients, real families and real people running small businesses. They believe in partnering with local, independent pet stores who make a living caring for the pets in your community. This focus on small business was demonstrated in the Partner section of their website.

Pet Nutrition Kitchens needed a brand that expressed our love for our dogs and a commitment to quality and transparency. Magnetize helped position Kitchen Table as a premium brand based on these principles.

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