As the school’s leadership team and board navigated a separation from their parent company, they engaged Magnetize to reposition the school to align with their vision for the future. The project included a new name, brand identity, mission, vision, values and website.

A messaging-first approach

Upon completion of our research work, which included interviews, surveys, brand and competitive audits, we developed a messaging strategy that embraced their transformative culture and academic aims.

Tone and voice

Inspired by the school’s preparatory heritage and renewed commitments to meet students and the community where they are, we identified the following cues to guide the tone and voice of the new brand:





Messaging platforms

We established three platforms to inspire a new brand narrative:

Character development: We work to develop character in scholars so that they can be the best leaders they can be and achieve their unique goals. Character is the basis of a good leader, and in developing leaders, we can help our communities become stronger. 

Academic excellence: We promote a sense of curiosity in scholars so that they have a genuine interest in learning and excel in their academic pursuits. 

Community orientation: We seek to build community among our scholars, team and families so that everyone has a stake in the scholars’ (and by extension, the community’s) success. 

These three platforms not only became the foundation for subsequent creative work, they inspired “the three c’s” (character, confidence and community) that are used throughout the new brand.

Audience considerations

Nurturing a school community at each of their four locations is a cornerstone of who they are as an organization, so we needed to leave room for that nuance in our strategy for the overall brand. Additionally, each audience relies on another for success, while collectively they all own the success of the school. Ultimately, we shaped the messaging around three distinct audiences: Scholars, Families and Faculty & Staff.

Mission and vision

The school also looked to Magnetize to create mission and vision statements. Our objective for these was to reassure audiences that quality education was a priority, while looking to make broader impacts beyond school life.

Mission: Momentum Academy promotes academic excellence in an environment of mutual care and support that builds character, confidence and community among each and every one of our scholars so that they reach their full potential.

Vision: Momentum Academy provides the highest level of academics to prepare the next generation of leaders to move toward greater educational and personal well-being so they can impact their families and communities in positive ways.


The most significant step in our brand work was creating a new name for the school. After careful consideration of any existing brand equity, we recommended moving away from the current name, Eagle College Preparatory Schools. However, we would do it in a way that would honor the school’s past achievements with a focus on growth and the future. 

Amongst multiple options, “Momentum Academy” was chosen. This name was inspired by the energy and resilience within the school’s culture and its commitment to creating opportunity for its scholars and impacting communities beyond the school. The name also emphasizes the importance of early education and the trajectory it creates throughout a person’s life.


A new identity

Momentum Academy’s primary logo modernizes the brand with a nod toward their academic heritage. The top of the shield comes to an upward point reflecting the upward momentum of scholars’ academic careers. The open book represents the uninhibited, curious nature of children while forming a hidden letter “M.” The three dots remind stakeholders of the importance of character, confidence and community.

The consistent line weight throughout the design represents unity. The result is a modern take on traditional themes, with subtle meaning ingrained within the new mark.

Discover Momentum Academy

Embarking upon an autonomous future, the Momentum team was looking forward to having a website within their control that would support their new vision for the school. 

Magnetize created an intuitive, mobile-first website for Momentum that not only allows current parents to easily access the information they need but guides prospective families through an easy and meaningful digital journey. Our primary marketing objective was to convey warmth and operational excellence to generate interest in campus tours.

MA_Modern-Presentation-Website-Mockup MA_Modern-Presentation-Website-Mockup

Momentum Academy is more than a place — it’s a commitment and an approach to education. Magnetize created a brand that captures this philosophy and positions the school for the future.

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