Pet Solutions Group came to Magnetize to create the brand for their new dog treat, Krunch. Early on, we were intrigued by the unique flavors and satisfying crunch hidden within the humble appearance of this air crisp treat. It was this juxtaposition that originally inspired our design. It’s worth noting that we created this brand while the nutritionists and production teams were still developing the product, which speaks to our ability to work at our client’s pace, sharing inspiration along the way.


Our preliminary research revealed that over 50% of dogs are overweight in the United States. We also found that pet parents feel guilt over this, but still want to show their love through food. This inspired us to position Krunch as a treat that would feel substantial to give your dog, but was actually only five calories per treat.

So much from so little

Many dog treats on the market are high-calorie and full of preservatives. Krunch is low in calories and has no artificial flavors, preservatives, or coloring. And it makes that sound.

“Krunch is so much more than just fresh, healthy snacks, backed by decades of science and research. It’s the special moments you share with your furry friends — or rather, your furry family members. Every lick. Every crunch. Every tail wag. And every snuggle. With fun flavors and products, we’re making those feel-good moments even better.”

A unique product

As the name implies, these dog treats are very crunchy. Experiencing the product with our own dogs here at the agency was key to understanding the brand. Those moments inspired the bold font, bite mark shaped product window, crumbs, goofy “toofy” dogs catching treats and warm narrative.

“Now you can feed their goofy side. Krunch is a treat designed to captivate with its crispy texture and animated crunch. It’s low in fat and made with ancient grains and gut-healthy root veggies. Permission to feel good about your feel-good moments!”

The rich colors create shelf impact and reinforce enticing flavor profiles such as Honeycrisp Apple or Honey Butter recipe. Krunch looks and sounds yummy to humans and tastes yummy to dogs.

A dual brand launch

While working on Krunch, Magnetize and Pet Solutions Group were also developing another low calorie treat brand called Liq. Both brands would debut at Global Pet Expo 2022, the pet industry’s premier event. Our client had one expo booth for both brands, so it was imperative that we linked the brands together while allowing them to shine on their own. The design flows around and into the booth, while messaging such as “Give more. Worry Less.” was created to capture the promise of both brands. This dual brand launch created an exciting spirit of innovation for retailers attending the show, resulting in orders significantly exceeding sales expectations.


Bold and crunchy

The clean design of the logo was inspired by the simple, natural ingredients. The bite mark in the letter “c” added a hint of fun and product description. The Krunch bite is used throughout the branding as a product window and a shape for highlighting key messages and images.

A really, really fun photoshoot

Our creative team commissioned a photography studio to capture those moments made possible by Krunch. Photos feature dogs against a white background jumping, catching and munching Krunch treats. To reinforce the importance of the light-hearted side of being a pet parent, we decided the more derpy the dogs looked, the better. The resulting images reinforce the idea that simple, joyous moments like these are good for us and our pets, but shouldn’t come at a cost to their health. Dogs are fun! With Krunch, treating is fun and good.

5_Krunch_Dogs 5_Krunch_Dogs

Two brands, one website

The Krunch brand was launched alongside another low calorie pet treat brand called Liq. Our client presented us with the challenge of not only creating a dual branded trade show booth, but also creating a single website. In this, we were not only introducing two new products that shared a common purpose, but also positioning Pet Solutions Group as an innovator and disruptor. The website used stop-frame animation to show products and dogs in action, and was the recipient of a prestigious w3 Award from the Academy of Interactive Visual Arts.

7_Krunch_Modern-Presentation-Website-Mockup 7_Krunch_Modern-Presentation-Website-Mockup

Krunch makes guilt-free treating fun. Magnetize created a clean, bold brand design that promises good times and healthy living with your pet.

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