Pet Solutions Group came to Magnetize for a rebrand of the Liq product line that would engage and inspire pet parents to purchase healthy, fun snacks for their furry family members and strengthen the bond between them. Although we had done a significant amount of brand work for the pet industry over the years, it had been a while. They chose us over agencies currently embedded in the pet industry for our fresh perspective and integrated approach through strategy, content and design.


The previous brand struggled in the market due to the smell of meat-based ingredients and the brand design, which offered poor legibility and low shelf impact. The first step for Pet Solutions Group was to reformulate the ingredients to be low-fat, low-sodium, sugar-free and, most importantly, meat-free. The result was a line of exciting, and unexpected flavors for the category, such as Mixed Berries and Green Apple. Our messaging and design focused on the unique flavors and low-calorie formulation of the new recipes. We also highlighted the pet-parent bond through the unique way of dispensing the treat, via an encapsulated roller ball at the top of the bottle.

Creating a bond

A key differentiator for this brand is the fact that it isn’t a one-and-done dog treat. The dog owner holds the Liq bottle in their hand while the dog licks the roller ball. We focused on this loving connection through messaging platforms and point-of-view photography.

“A lickable dog treat. Talk about happiness in your hands! You’ll build powerful bonds through bold flavor and personal connection. Made from all-natural ingredients & hyper low in calories, let them lick it up — sans guilt.”

Intentional messaging

Liq is a highly functional product, so the brand needed to include prescriptive language to inform usage, such as:

“Just twist off the cap, hold the bottle out, and let your dog get some licks.”

“Put the cap back on, which doubles as a doggie head massager for an extra reward.”

“Liq was made for every moment — training, breath freshening and even grooming or bathing”

But there was also room for messaging that delivered on the brand promise:

“Keep your dog happy and engaged.”

“You can rest easy knowing that six licks equals just one calorie.”

A dual brand launch

While working on Liq, Magnetize and Pet Solutions Group were also developing another low calorie treat brand called Krunch. Both brands would debut at Global Pet Expo 2022, the pet industry’s premier event. Our client had one expo booth for both brands, so it was imperative that we linked the brands together while allowing them to shine on their own. The design flows around and into the booth, while messaging such as “Give more. Worry Less.” was created to capture the promise of both brands. This dual brand launch created an exciting spirit of innovation for retailers attending the show, resulting in orders significantly exceeding sales expectations.


Logo refinements

Our design team made refinements to the original Liq logo. The new design embraces existing brand equity by keeping the tongue shape, while improving the friendliness and legibility of the name.

Fun ingredients and fresh colors

With the original Liq product being meat-based, the color palette was bland and muted. The reformulated product used exciting ingredients that translated into a great smelling product and bold colors. Ombré color treatments laid into flowing shapes create movement around the bottle, adding visual impact and conveying that this is a liquid treat.

5_Liq_Colors2 5_Liq_Colors2

Two brands, one website

The Liq brand was launched alongside another low calorie pet treat brand called Krunch. Our client presented us with the challenge of not only creating a dual branded trade show booth, but also creating a single website. In this, we were not only introducing two new products that shared a common purpose, but also positioning Pet Solutions Group as an innovator and disruptor. The website used stop-frame animation to show products and dogs in action, and was the recipient of a prestigious w3 Award from the Academy of Interactive Visual Arts.

7_Liq_Modern-Presentation-Website-Mockup 7_Liq_Modern-Presentation-Website-Mockup
LiqSpinning_Mag Site_sml

A website interface inspired by treating

Color and movement were used to pull users through the website. Stop motion photography allows users to explore all around the bottle and click through each flavor as it twirls into the next, revealing the exciting range of ingredients. We also used a parallax effect on the homepage that removes the cap from the Liq bottle as the user scrolls. This helps show how unique the treat dispensing roller ball is and gives the user a clear idea of how the product works. Since Liq was launched alongside its sister product Krunch, at our client’s request Magnetize created a single website to support both brands.

Liq is all about guilt-free treating that strengthens the bond between pets and their parents. Magnetize created a bold, fresh brand inspired by Liq’s exciting flavors and unique delivery.

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