Our expertise

We empower nonprofits to deliver greater impact through our proven expertise in areas such as marketing strategy, fundraising communications and mission-centered digital experiences.

As partners, we identify opportunities, solve recurring problems and gain new insights that make them more relevant. And we get there through a spirit of collaboration with boards, leadership, staff and those served.


Nonprofit expertise shaped by OrgStory

OrgStory was founded in 2012 with the sole purpose of helping nonprofit organizations raise more money, attract more clients, increase awareness, change perceptions and impact change in their communities. In 2019, Magnetize acquired OrgStory to advance its strategic and creative expertise for client partners in the nonprofit industry.

All this to say, we know nonprofits, and we are committed to inspiring the sector and providing organizations with the support they deserve.

We know nonprofits

We are strategic story partners for passionate nonprofits.

We’re focused on mission-driven work

We’re a team of strategists and marketers who know what makes your nonprofit unique. Our OrgStory team offers capabilities specific to nonprofit organizations to help them advance their missions.

Strategic Roadmapping

We help organizations identify strategic market positions and leverage competitive strengths to ideate programs as well as construct operational, marketing and fundraising approaches.

Story Development

We identify and develop written and visual stories to elevate organizational purpose and compel supporting audiences to think, believe and act.

Campaign Strategy

We shape omni-channel campaigns that raise awareness and deepen connections with value-aligned supporters that have interests in advancing missions through giving, volunteerism and advocacy.

Campaign Management

We provide creative development, production and media buying services to develop and manage cause awareness and fundraising campaigns on and offline.

Technology Integration

We identify software that enables fundraising, payments, registration processes, constituent management and communications; then, integrate them with user-facing digital platforms like websites and social platforms to improve data sharing and ongoing communications.

Peer-to-peer Campaigns & Ambassador Development

We develop training, communications and fundraising tools for board members, junior board members, volunteers and staff that enable them to evangelize an organization’s mission and create opportunities for meaningful interactions among their peers and networks throughout campaigns.

Donor Communications

We design and develop print and digital communications that support annual fund and capital campaigns, stewardship efforts, and fundraising events. 


We’re helping nonprofits maximize resources

Being a nonprofit shouldn’t be a barrier to great marketing and branding

Your resources are valuable and, as much as possible, should go toward advancing your mission. That’s why we’ve focused Magnetize on serving purpose-driven organizations. From our team to our approach, we’re positioned to leverage the best of digital, social and traditional media to deliver your message in the channels that best suit your audiences and your resources. From multi-channel campaigns to consistent social content, we love crafting experiences that expand organizational awareness, nurture leads and generate value.


Kyle Schnurbusch

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  • “We appreciated the time you spent in the discovery phase, learning how to best approach this emotional and sensitive topic. It’s really reflected in the beautiful outcome. It’s an extreme pleasure to work with a team that listens to what is said and what it not said and blends it into who you are. “

    Barbara W., Director, BJC Hospice

  • “Your Team helped us tell the story of disparities in St. Louis in an engaging and accessible way. They were able to translate our research and data into materials that could be used by a wide and diverse audience. We have been incredible impressed by their work. “

    Dr. Jason P., Assistant Professor, Brown School of Social Work

  • “You have always taken great care to understand the nuances of our mission and values, and give our brand the same level of thoughtful attention. “

    Laura K., Interim President, Grace Hill

  • “The team did an incredible job of navigating our complex stakeholder environment while providing spot-on creative and strategy. We’re confident the campaign they developed is going to drive a fresh narrative. “

    Rebecca Z., NCI President & CEO, North County, Inc.

Our work spans across the nonprofit industry

We’ve worked with many types of nonprofits

Associations We support associations in building and developing members as well as advancing their philanthropic and advocacy ambitions.

Arts & Culture We help arts, parks and faith institutions sustain revenue streams and raise money through fundraising communication that enables their programs to enrich our society.

Foundations We enable professional fundraising institutions to capture the minds, hearts and investment of philanthropic visionaries through donor communications.

Health & Human Services We grow the impact of health and human service organizations through expanded awareness, impassioned employees and more philanthropic investments.

Senior Services & Living We help nonprofit senior service and living organizations build strong client and adult care relationships that produce more revenue and increase philanthropic interest.

We’ll help your nonprofit make a meaningful impact.

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